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Kaan set clear expectations upfront and was very thorough and structured throughout our sessions. I also appreciated that be brought various forms of therapy to the table (CBT, EMDR, etc) as each proved effective at different points. I recommend Kaan for anyone who likes a direct approach with specific tools, exercises and a structured approach to different methods. Thanks Kaan!

I wanted to say thank you for my appointment the other day. As much as it was tough and I know it is going to be hard work, you were welcoming and kind and I felt heard for the first time. Thank you for creating a safe space, I am looking forward to working with you to get better.

I have been very fortunate to have had an EMDR therapy by Kaan. He came into my life just when I needed it most. I was struggling with PTSD and depression since my early twenties, and I convinced myself that I will never get better, that all that I can do is try to find ways to cope, somehow, to have some kind of normal life. Kaan helped me realise that old memories are past events and that they should not affect building of new, happy memories. He helped me process several very painful memories by showing outstanding amounts of compassion, understanding, kindness, patience, and encouragement. He has a heart of gold and is a ray of light that is needed for people like me. I feel that he has shown me the ways of freeing myself from chains of my past and to look forward. In my life I have only come across a small number of people that had truly influenced me in a way that it is life changing, and Kaan is one of them.


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