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Dr Kaan Altan - Clinical Psychologist
How I work
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How Sessions Might Look Like?

Psychology sessions can vary widely based on the therapeutic approach, the client's needs, and the therapist's style. Here's a detailed look at what the process might entail with me:

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Psychological Assessment (information gathering)

In our first sessions, we will work together to explore your current challenges, psychological history, significant life events, and establish your therapy goals. I may also ask you to complete specific psychological questionnaires to better understand your difficulties. This comprehensive discussion across different areas will help me develop a complete understanding of your mental health and create an effective treatment plan.

Some of the issues I work with


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Psychological Formulation (putting it all together)

In the beginning, our sessions will focus on understanding why you are struggling, distressed, or feeling stuck, and trying to make sense of your experiences. Developing a formulation is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Just like a puzzle, how long it takes to complete a formulation depends on the number of pieces and how complicated the "picture" is. Once all the pieces are put together, the formulation can be used to explore the best way forward and decide what changes you want to make in your life.

More about Therapy


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Psychological Therapy
(moving forward)

After the assessment and formulation, we will agree on a treatment plan and the approximate number of sessions, which will be regularly reviewed. Typically, sessions will be either weekly or bi-weekly, lasting 50 minutes. I use an integrated, collaborative approach to therapy, drawing on a range of evidence-based therapeutic models tailored to suit your unique needs.

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