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Managing dissociation and detachment

Have you ever felt disconnected from yourself or your surroundings, as if you’re observing things from a distance? Do you find time passing without noticing? Have you experienced periods that feel unreal or dreamlike? Do you feel numb and cut off? Have you found yourself in certain places without knowing how you got there?

Dissociation, a common experience, involves disconnecting from thoughts, feelings, memories, or one's sense of identity. It can lead to detachment from oneself or the surrounding environment and periods of feeling disconnected from reality. Daydreaming is also a common dissociative experience. It's a natural coping mechanism for difficult experiences and feelings. Developing grounding techniques is crucial to managing dissociation to regain stability and control. Seeking support from therapists can provide guidance and coping strategies for managing dissociation and addressing underlying trauma or stressors.

Psychological therapy is essential for individuals struggling with dissociation and detachment. EMDR, DBT, or CBT can help explore past traumatic experiences and develop coping strategies.

If you're seeking therapy for managing dissociation, please get in touch with me at 0208 252 7740 or message me using the form below to see if I can help.


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