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Overcoming perfectionism

Do you hold yourself to high standards? Do you base your self-worth largely on your ability to meet these relentless standards? Do you struggle to find free time for yourself? Do you find yourself needing to review your work multiple times until it meets your standards? Do you feel that no achievement is ever enough? Can you allow yourself to be average?

Perfectionism exerts immense pressure on us to meet unattainably high standards, significantly impacting our self-perception. Overcoming perfectionism requires challenging deep-rooted beliefs and behaviours. Embracing imperfection and prioritizing progress over flawlessness can foster a healthier mindset and lead to greater fulfilment in our pursuits. Psychological therapy such as CBT empowers individuals to identify and confront the underlying beliefs and behaviours driving perfectionism. By delving into the origins of perfectionism and fear of failure, therapy enables individuals to adopt a more realistic and adaptable approach to goals and accomplishments.

Furthermore, mindfulness-based techniques can nurture self-compassion and acceptance, reducing the reliance on perfectionism as a coping mechanism.

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