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Internal Family Systems (IFS)


Experience the transformative power of the IFS approach to treatment which is rooted in the powerful concept that within each of us lies an unscathed, calm, and compassionate core, ‘Self’. Alongside this core, we harbour various ‘parts’ that aid and shield us throughout our lives. However, these parts can become extreme due to our life experiences, hindering our ability to tap into our serene core Self. Consequently, these parts may lead to inner conflict, distress, or unhappiness for ourselves and those around us.

This innovative model of psychotherapy helps individuals heal by understanding and accessing their inner parts. Whether that be our inner critic or an anxious part, they all have a reason for doing what they do. By identifying and communicating with these parts, a compassionate and non-judgmental internal dialogue is fostered, resolving inner conflicts and unburdening parts that carry emotional pain. Strengthening your core Self leads to greater emotional balance, self-awareness, and personal growth. This process enables the parts to relinquish their extreme or destructive roles and work in harmony under the guidance of the Self. IFS provides a powerful framework for achieving lasting psychological well-being when dealing with trauma, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues.

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